Couric: Obama 'Could Have Done a Better Job Outlining' Health Care

'CBS Evening News' host admits being 'depressed' over health care debate and gridlock; asks why we can't take the Rodney King approached and 'just get along.'

Obama Speeches: The 'I's Have It -- Nearly 1,200 Times

Sunday marathon reinforces president's focus on self while the media ignore it.

CNBC's Terranova: Missile Defense Decision Will Send Oil Higher

'Fast Money' panelist explains the Obama decision combined with the Oct. 1 meeting with the Iranians will upset Israel and thus send the price of crude up.

Media Revelation: Obama is Going to Raise Taxes

CNBC's Erin Burnett explains Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner dodge on higher taxes likely means higher taxes.

A Tale of Two Uninsureds: President Changes Number from 46-47 Million to 'Over 30 Million'

Obama tells Congress in joint address there are 'are now more than 30 million American citizens' without insurance, but used 46 million, 47 million earlier.

Bread 'n' Circuses

Looking past Obama's song 'n' dance.

Obama: Out of Frying Pan, Into the Fire

No matter how little media focus they get, president's tough times are getting tougher with nationwide 9-12 events

Cramer Warns Increasing National Debt Could Cause Bear Market in 18 Months

CNBC 'Mad Money' host says congressional spending to going to cause higher taxes and sharp downturn for stocks.
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