Twice Omitting Obama from Headline to Embarrassing Insults of Netanyahu

But exactly who was French President Sarkozy talking to? "In Overheard Comments, Sarkozy Calls Netanyahu a 'Liar.'" and "Romney on Israel, Intentionally."

NYT's Hostility Toward French President Sarkozy Unabated

French President Sarkozy hassling the poor Socialist Party with his "obsession" with balanced budgets and deficit reduction: "The Socialists...have some sensible arguments, but as often in ...

NBC Sympathizes with Disgraced IMF Chief, Promotes Conspiracy Theory He Was 'Set Up'

While reporting on the sexual assault case against International Monetary Fund Chairman Dominique Strauss-Kahn on Tuesday's Today, NBC correspondent Jeff Rossen noted how the would-be Socialist ...

Confirmed: Everything in France is Officially President Sarkozy's Fault

French socialists blame right-of-center president Nicolas Sarkozy for the team's World Cup failure, and Jere Longman appears to take them seriously: "Some opposition politicians said the players' ...

A Reporter's Grudge Against France's Tough-on-Crime Candidate

France's tough-on-crime presidential candidate "alienated many in ethnic districts" - as well as reporter Elaine Sciolino.
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