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Times Puts Photo of Romney's Tax Return in Lead Story Slot

More tax-hike propaganda in Wednesday's lead slot, conveniently matching President Obama's tax-the-rich campaign strategy. The Times took an obsessively detailed look at Mitt Romney's recently ...

NYT Makes Romney's 15% Tax Rate a Loaded Lead Story, Ignores Context

By paragraph three the Times had characterized the candidate's remarks as "likely to cement Mr. Romney's place as an unwilling emblem of the intensifying national debate over taxation and income ...

NYT Reporters Huff: Social Security Is Not a Ponzi Scheme

Two liberal Times reporters rush to Social Security defense against Gov. Rick Perry's "Ponzi" persecution: "While there are some superficial similarities, it is ultimately a misleading ...

News Story Hits G.O.P.'s 'Untrue...Misleading' Claims About Drilling, Social Security

Three liberal reporters teamed up to fact-check the Republican debate (and defend President Obama): "The candidates' arguments run into factual hurdles."

Yet Another 'Fracking' Story on the Front Page: NYT Again Hits 'Reckless' Natural Gas Extraction

No love from the Times for Gov. Cuomo on this issue, anyway: "The Cuomo administration is seeking to lift what has effectively been a moratorium in New York State on hydraulic fracturing, a ...

Hillary's Replacement Still Too Conservative for Liberal Times Reporters

Another day, another analysis of New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand's former "white and rural district" and her "100 percent rating" from the NRA. Did the Times care about Hillary Clinton's 100 ...

The Times Gets Taken in By Another Fabulist

Meet "Margaret B. Jones," author of a gang memoir about her days as a half-white girl in the hood that turned out to be totally fabricated.

Nicholas Confessore on the GOP's Self-Important Conservative "Kingmakers"

Liberal magazine writer turned Times reporter writes on conservative activists: "They still see themselves as indispensable kingmakers without whom no Republican can win the nomination, let alone ...

Eliot Spitzer Extends "Olive Branch" While "G.O.P. Pouts"

Nicholas Confessore can't believe Republicans would act "frosty" toward Gov. Spitzer - but doesn't mention "Troopergate," in which state police were misused to track the travel of Spitzer's ...

The Times Finds Media Bias in Lou Dobbs' Excoriation of Illegal Immigration

A selective venture into journalistic fact checking, again starring Lou Dobbs and his "thunderous" opposition to illegal immigration.
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