No Joke: Mass Times Plagiarizer Jayson Blair to Speak on Media Ethics

Blair will be the featured speaker at Washington and Lee University's 48th Journalism Ethics Institute. Journalism Ethics professor Edward Wasserman admitted the choice was "a departure for us."

Carl Hulse Accuses Nevada GOP of 'Swiftboating' Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

Carl Hulse reports on a Nevada GOP accusation against Sen. Harry Reid by using the Swift Boats Veterans for Truth as a synonym for lying: "Sensing a possible Swiftboat attack, the Reid campaign ...

'Conservatives' Afoot in Upstate New York Election Fighting 'Unorthodox' Scozzafava

Labeling disparity in Jeremy Peters' take on the wild special election to fill a congressional seat in New York state, a three-way battle pitting "unorthodox" (not liberal) Republican Dede ...

Times Calls Technical Foul on Obama's All-Male Basketball Games

Mark Leibovich goes after Obama from the feminist left: "Does the White House feel like a frat house? The suspicion flared in recent weeks - and not for the first time - after President Obama was ...

Blech: Charles Blow on 'The Magic of Michelle.'

....and he doesn't mean Michelle Malkin. Columnist Blow confirms "coolest" Michelle Obama is a first lady who is "genuinely human." As opposed to the rest.

Giuliani-Hostile Reporter Defends David Dinkins As NYC Mayor

Veteran Times reporter Michael Powell doesn't like Rudy Giuliani much: His 2007 profile of then-presidential candidate Giuliani accused the former NYC mayor of stoking racism. Today Powell took on ...

Frank Rich Finds Anti-Bush Argument in Balloon Boy Saga

Think overdramatic liberal columnist Frank Rich couldn't make an anti-Bush, anti-war argument out of Balloon Boy? Don't underestimate him: "Next to the other hoaxes and fantasies that have been ...

Times Focuses on Gallup Poll Showing Palin Unpopularity, Ignored Drops by Obama, John Edwards

The Times still doesn't miss a chance to go after Sarah Palin: "The endorsement comes just a week after a Gallup poll found that Mrs. Palin's favorability had dipped to its lowest point since she ...

Defacing Obama's Photo Embarrassment to a College?

Plus Rush the Racist? and Why Won't Israel Talk to Group Committed to Its Annihilation

Architecture Critic Ouroussoff Predicts a Manhattan Under Water

The paper's architecture critic Nicolai Ouroussoff again tries his hands at liberal policy, with the usual "apocalyptic" results.
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