NYT Covers Falling Tea Party Support, Ignores Polls Showing Sharp Downturn in OWS Appeal

The Times' Kate Zernike devotes a story to a poll showing cooling Tea Party support, suggesting the group's "hard-line" and "extreme" stance was "dragging down" the GOP. Meanwhile, the paper has ...

Keller Mocks Bloggers,State Colleges, Claims 'Stimulus Created or Saved' 2 Million Jobs

Also, the former editor's crash course in economics comes up short: "The Web site PolitiFact, the Pulitzer-winning fact-checking service, recently did a thorough debunking of Republican claims ...

Great Minds Think Alike...So Do New York Times Columnists

Times columnists can't get enough of The Onion's humor: "Black Man Given Nation's Worst Job." Not as hard as coming up with new column ideas, apparently.

'Barney Frank, Moderate'

Discussing the retirement of the extremely liberal Mass. Democrat, former reporter David Firestone shows he has a sense of humor: "But economically, Mr. Frank is essentially a centrist."

Classy: Frequent NYT Book Reviewer Compares Tea Party to KKK

Ohio State University professor Kevin Boyle: "Imagine a political movement created in a moment of terrible anxiety, its origins shrouded in a peculiar combination of manipulation and grass-roots ...

Times Leaves a Lot Out of Profile of Inflammatory 'Occupy' Instigator Kalle Lasn

Adbusters editor Kalle Lasn is credited by the Times with branding and inspiring the Occupy movement. What reporter William Yardley left out: Lasn's authorship and the title of Adbusters notorious ...

NYT Sunday Mag: 'What if Our Kids Really Believed We Wanted Them to Have Great Sex?'

From explicit sex education, to praise for left-wing idol Elizabeth Warren, to another attack on fracking in Pennsylvania, the Sunday Magazine pushed liberalism from all angles this weekend.

Your Weekly Out-of-Nowhere Reagan-Bashing, Courtesy of the Sunday Review

Former poet laureate Robert Hass claims police brutality, then explains how it's all Reagan's fault: "Another of the contingencies that came to my mind was a moment 30 years ago when Ronald ...

The GOP vs. Public Opinion on the Necessity of Tax Hikes

Economics reporter Catherine Rampell traces the GOP's stubborn refusal to raise taxes back to the 1970s and the Laffer Curve.

With Boys on Girls Swim Team, NYT's Support for Gender Equity Takes a Sudden Dive

Karen Crouse on a Massachusetts rule allowing boys to compete on girls' swim teams: "With every stroke they take, the boys are displacing more than water. They could knock girls off the awards ...
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