NBC Showcases Alter Hailing Obama's Best Presidential Smackdown Since Truman; 'Rubik's Cube in His Brain'

Another sycophantic book about President Barack Obama, another showcasing of it by NBC News. Friday's NBC Nightly News aired a first-person recitation, from Newsweek's Jonathan Alter, of a ...

Clifford Ignores Liberal Slant as Culprit in Newsweek's Decline

Stephanie Clifford's front-page piece on the money-losing Newsweek doesn't mention the mag's liberal opinionizing. But she was quick to snidely spot a right-wing slant at Reader's Digest.

Flashback: Newsweek as Obamaweek; Might It Help Explain Their Downfall?

News today that the Washington Post Company has put the money-losing Newsweek up for sale reminded me of how during the last presidential campaign the "news" weekly repeatedly showcased their ...

Newsweek's Transparent Call for Legalizing Gay Marriage

Magazine's circular argument supports recognizing gay divorce and, hence, accepting gay marriage.

Twenty Years of Advocacy, Not Journalism, on Global Warming

Even After ClimateGate Scandal, Reporters Have Pushed a One-Sided "Sky Is Falling" Mantra on Climate Change

Newsweek Slams 'Hate' from 'Antigovernment Extremists,' Links to Beck and Palin

Newsweek's cover touted a story on "Hate on the Right." In fact the word "HATE" takes up half a page, white letters on a black background, with the subhead "Antigovernment extremists are on the ...

Light Reaction to Second Gay Episcopalian Bishop Cheers Newsweek's Lisa Miller

Magazine's religion editor embraces 'Americans' disinterest' in bishop's sexuality.

Brian Williams, Media Critic? Anchor Questions Newsweek's Headline 'America is Back'

'Nightly News' anchor asks if Wall Street and 'covers of magazines' havea disconnect with Main Street.

Newsweek Calls the Catholic Church an 'All-Male Club … Keeping Modernity at Bay'

Lisa Miller's latest Catholic-hating article calls the Church 'ingrown' and 'out of touch with people.'

Newsweek Helps Energy Secretary Chu Push Cap-and-Trade

Magazine continues years of global warming advocacy.
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