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Journalists' Union Helped Push Nuclear Option, HuffPo Admits

Communications Workers of America has promoted a liberal agenda in the past.
Media Research Center

Proselytizing for Unions: AFL-CIO Announces Holiday ‘Labor and Faith’ Services

Union group that also represents journalists supplies materials for faith communities to ‘highlight shared goals’ like social justice.
Media Research Center

News Guild, Soros-Funded Group Encourage Walmart Strike encouraging members to join workers’ protest.
Media Research Center

Journalist Union Pushes ‘Social Justice Journalism’ to College Students

Program pushes labor unions and strikes, and prepares a new generation of reporter activists.  
Media Research Center

Communications Union Head Chafes at ‘Limits of Democracy’

Press union chief lays out left-wing policy wish list.
Media Research Center

Making Bias Official: Newspaper Guild Applauds Obama Gay Marriage Views

Guild President says 'Time to move Forward.'
Media Research Center

Occupy the New York Times! Editor Meeting Greeted With Silent Union Protest

What are the chances that this particular clash of the 1% and the 99% will result in a sanctiomonious news storyin the Times? The New York Times Co. is freezing pensions for some employees even ...
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