Top 10 Lowlights of the New York Times from Campaign 2008

The theme from 2008: The hopeful Obama vs. the fallen "maverick" McCain.

Stark Contrast on Supreme Court: McCain's Conservative "Fealty" vs. Smart Obama's Non-Ideological Picks

In Neil Lewis's world, John McCain will be forced to pay "fealty" to the "conservative faithful" by appointing staunch conservative justices, while Barack Obama, with his "long and deep interest ...

Painting New Dovish Israel Lobby as "Pro-Israel" and Moderate

Reporter Neil Lewis advertised the formation of an alleged "pro-Israel lobby" but left off the part about its stated opposition to what it calls "the far right."

Plame-Gate Bombs Out, But the Times Barely Notices

"Not with a bang..." So much for the Valerie Plame controversy.
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