NBC's Historian Goodwin Campaigns for Democratic Senate Candidate

Before the Democratic primary vote on Tuesday in Massachusetts to replace the late Senator Ted Kennedy, a chance to catch up with how historian Doris Kearns Goodwin - a favorite of NBC News - ...

Nets Catch Up with Van Jones, Sure 'Sour Note' in 'Summer Squall' Won't 'Damage' Obama

It took Van Jones' resignation, around midnight Saturday night on a holiday weekend, for ABC and NBC to mention him for the first time in Sunday morning news shows which broached, but failed to ...

CBS's Early Show Ignores Obama Reversal on Abuse Photos

While both ABC's Good Morning America and NBC's Today on Thursday covered President Obama's decision to block the public release of photos depicting prisoner abuse under U.S. custody, CBS's Early ...
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Meet the Real Katie Couric

CBS’s New Star Adores Liberals, Scolds Conservatives — And Thinks America Should Be More Like France
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