Networks' Assault on Marriage

CBS and NBC fail to critically examine divorce

Once Again, NBC Slams Banks for Profiting

Meredith Vieira says taxpayers have claim to bank execs' bonuses.

Nets Skip Chappaquiddick's 40th; NPR Gets 'Ugly' Mail for Even Blogging About It

ABC, CBS and NBC breathed not a word about Saturday's 40th anniversary of Chappaquiddick, but it wasn't a complete blackout. With Ted Kennedy on the cover of the July 27 Newsweek to push for ...

House Panel Votes Huge $500 Billion Tax Increase; Nets Couldn't Care Less

The House Ways and Means committee approved a half-trillion dollar tax increase early Friday, but the ABC and NBC morning news shows offered only a single sentence to the development, while CBS's ...

Flashback: John John Was No 'Sun God,' Chappaquiddick Was a Kopechne Tragedy

"The sudden death of the only son of an assassinated President is certainly a major news story, but the TV nets used his death as a chance to launch a week-long tribute to him as America's 'crown ...

Networks Sidestep Sotomayor's Repudiation of Obama's 'Empathy' Doctrine

Back in May, NBC sycophantically touted President Obama's credentials as a constitutional law professor as evidence of his deep experience when it came to the judiciary. But after his nominee to ...

NBC vs. Goldman Sachs

Faux populism, class warfare and outright distortion color reports sully an economic bright spot.

Networks Barely Cover 'Jane Roe's' Arrest

Anti-abortion outburst? Nothing to see here.

Jacko Telethon: Primetime Broadcast Network Coverage Devotes One Third of All News to Pop Star's Death

Breakdown of the ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts shows Michael Jackson's death dominating coverage with 4 times more TV than any other story in 13-day span.
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