Networks Sidestep Sotomayor's Repudiation of Obama's 'Empathy' Doctrine

Back in May, NBC sycophantically touted President Obama's credentials as a constitutional law professor as evidence of his deep experience when it came to the judiciary. But after his nominee to ...

NBC vs. Goldman Sachs

Faux populism, class warfare and outright distortion color reports sully an economic bright spot.

Networks Barely Cover 'Jane Roe's' Arrest

Anti-abortion outburst? Nothing to see here.

Jacko Telethon: Primetime Broadcast Network Coverage Devotes One Third of All News to Pop Star's Death

Breakdown of the ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts shows Michael Jackson's death dominating coverage with 4 times more TV than any other story in 13-day span.

Network Reporting All Wet on Bottled H2O

ABC, CBS, NBC continue bashing bottled water industry.

News Executives In The Tank

When challenged about offering hours of prime time to the Obama White House, network executives can get testy. NBC's Mark Whitaker shot back, "Compared to what, more of 'The Biggest Loser'?" ABC's ...

Notable Quotables Flashback: Ten Months of Media Scorn for Sarah Palin

In announcing that she was stepping down as Alaska Governor, Sarah Palin noted the unrelenting hostility of liberal media elites. In the barely ten months since she burst onto the national scene, ...

NBC Puffs Al Franken with Softball Questions to New Senator

On Thursday's Today, Meredith Vieira tossed mostly softballs to Senator-elect Al Franken, offering no hard questions about the disputed 2008 election, instead fawning, "...Are you more worried ...

Networks Mostly Mute on Democratic Scandals

ABC, CBS and NBC Air 49 Stories on GOP Governor's Sex Life, But Ignore Democratic Corruption
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