Jake Tapper Hits Dems for Playing the 'Fear Card,' CBS, NBC Silent on Alan Grayson's Military Smear

Only Good Morning America's Jake Tapper on Monday highlighted an attack from the liberal Alan Grayson that his Republican opponent "doesn't love this country." CBS's Early Show and NBC's Today ...

NBC Finds Most Americans Oppose Repeal of ObamaCare, But CBS Reports 'Just 30%' Favor ObamaCare

Sunday's Today show on NBC and Sunday Morning on CBS presented seemingly contradictory polling results on how much ObamaCare is supported by the American public, although both seemed to be citing ...

ABC and CBS Butt Heads Over GOP 'Pledge to America'

Covering the GOP's "Pledge to America" Thursday night, CBS's Nancy Cordes cast it as pro-Tea Party, "littered with references to the Constitution and promises to reduce the federal debt." But ...

Watch Out, Republicans: This Is 1964 All Over Again

Vol. 23, No. 19

NBC's Gregory: Obama to Claim 'Warlord-ism' in GOP, O'Donnell's 'Extremist' Views a 'Real Problem' 'Almost Anywhere'

On Sunday's Today show, NBC's David Gregory claimed that Delaware GOP Senate nominee Christine O'Donnell's "extremist statements and some views" would not only be a "real problem" in Delaware, but ...

Smearing America as "Islamophobic"

MRC Study: ABC, CBS and NBC Tilt Debate Over Ground Zero Mosque by Hyping Accusations of Public's Supposed Intolerance

Former CNBC Reporter: GE CEO Immelt Meddled in Network's Editorial Coverage

Gasparino's book to detail meetings with parent company's head discussing if on-air commentators were 'fair' to Obama.

Chris Matthews Panel Sees Name 'Barack Hussein Obama' as 'Net Plus' in U.S. Relations w/ Muslim World

On Sunday's syndicated Chris Matthews Show, after host Matthews asked if electing a President whose middle name was "Hussein" had "opened a door to better relations with the Arab and Islamic ...

Labeling Contrast: Beck a 'Controversial Conservative,' Al Sharpton Just an 'Activist'

Just like NBC and ABC, CBS's Early Show had a hostile take Friday morning on Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" rally. All three networks labeled Beck as "conservative," with CBS calling him a ...
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