Obama the Tax Cutter: A Network Fairy Tale: Executive Summary

Despite Obama's tax hikes and campaign against 'tax cuts' for the wealthy, broadcast evening news shows portray president as taxcutters' champion.

Sappy Ann Curry: I Wish All Weapons Were Inflatable Toys

The frequently-maudlin Ann Curry outdid herself on Wednesday's Today show. Narrating a short video item about Russia unveiling a new set of inflatable weapons designed to fool spy satellites, ...

ABC and CBS Exploit Senate Race They Obsess Over to Regurgitate Ridicule for Palin

Airing rare stories on a U.S. Senate debate, ABC, CBS and NBC all ran full reports Thursday night on the only race they repeatedly find newsworthy, one in which the Republican is behind by ...

Despite Media Cheerleading, Most Americans Unhappy with Economy

New poll finds most weren't fooled by talk of 'green shoots' and 'silver linings.'

Matt Lauer Tries to Tie Paladino to Crime, Might Take Kids to Gay Pride Event

NBC's Matt Lauer questioned Carl Paladino on Monday's Today about his recent controversial remarks on homosexuality, and hinted that his comments might prompt "violence against homosexuals" and ...

NBC News Shows Young Teacher Touching 'Third Rail' Complaining About Union Rules

Network airs taboo talk from frustrated educator.
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