Networks Tout Democratic Sheriff's Warnings that 'Climate of Political Vitriol' Created Shooting

ABC, NBC and MSNBC on Monday all eagerly hyped the complaints by an Arizona sheriff that the "anger and bigotry" of everyday Americans contributed to Saturday's shooting. None of the journalists ...

Arizona Shooting Coverage Is a Media Campaign to Criminalize Conservatism

In First 48 Hours, Liberal Media Fulfill Democrats' Desire to "Deftly Pin This on Tea Partiers" and Other Conservatives

NBC Promotes 'Princess Boy' Propaganda

'Today' Show fawned over a cross-dressing five-year-old and his book-touting mother.

CBS, NBC Highlight List That Advocates Ban of Two Terms Coined by Sarah Palin

The Early Show on CBS and NBC's Today show on Friday both gave attention to Lake Superior State University's "list of words that should be banned in 2011 because of overuse or general ...

Nets Bolster Accusers of Christine O'Donnell, Ignore Liberal Nature of Watchdog CREW

As the broadcast network morning newscasts on Thursday each interviewed former Delaware Republican Senate nominee Christine O'Donnell regarding allegations that she misused campaign money, in the ...

Enthralled White House Press Corps Pose Sycophantic 'Questions' to 'Comeback Kid' Obama

"There weren't a lot of hard questions in this news conference," FNC's Bret Baier observed in an understatement. Indeed, Caren Bohan of Reuters reflected the collective glow of the White House ...

Nets Tout Supporters of 'Historic' Repeal of DADT, ABC Quotes 'Stain on Our Nation Lifted'

As all the broadcast network evening newscasts on Saturday used words like "historic" and "landmark" to play up the Senate vote in favor of repealing the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy on ...

Networks Thrill Over 'Awesome,' 'Amazing Atmosphere' of Clinton and Obama Press Conference

The network morning shows on Saturday thrilled over Bill Clinton's impromptu return to the White House. Commenting on the ex-President and Barack Obama's appearance on Friday to promote the tax ...

NBC Turns on Obama: Tax Deal a "Disaster in the Making"

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