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CBS's O'Donnell Suggests Obama's Reelection is a Done Deal

CBS's Norah O'Donnell played the role of a clairvoyant on Tuesday's Early Show as she hinted that President Obama's reelection is assured in 2012. Anchor Erica Hill asked O'Donnell how the White ...
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MRC Study: ABC, CBS and NBC Cast GOP as Debt Ceiling Villains

By a Three-to-One Margin, Network News Stories Say Republicans Deserve More Blame than Democrats for Debt Impasse

CBS Frets Waste of Time on 'Cut Cap and Balance,' But Promotes 'Remarkable Resurrection' for 'Gang of 6'

House Republicans have a budget-cutting proposal that stands no chance of getting by President Obama while some Senators have a big tax-hiking plan which stands no chance of passage in the House, ...
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Media Protecting "Food Stamp President" Obama By Ignoring Growing Food Stamp Crisis

MRC Study Finds Virtually No Coverage of Tragedy of 44 Million Americans On Government Food Assistance

CBS Worries Weiner's Scandal Means Obama Will Lose a Vital Critic from the Left

Asked by new CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley why Congressman Anthony Weiner "matters," Nancy Cordes maintained he's vital as a critic pushing Obama from the left. "The President has a lot of ...

CBS Concerned 'Palestinians Were Not Impressed' by Netanyahu's Address

Plugging an upcoming story on Tuesday's CBS Evening News, anchor Russ Mitchell highlighted that "Congress gives Israel's Prime Minister dozens of standing ovations but," Mitchell warned as if it ...

CBS: Ryan Budget Opponents 'Poignant'; Touted 'Nasty' Tea Parties in 2009

CBS's Early Show on Wednesday played up how opponents of Rep. Paul Ryan's budget plan shouted down GOP representatives at recent town hall meetings, but downplayed them as "less than friendly," ...

CBS's Cordes Charges Ryan's Plan Undermined by 'Big Tax Cut for the Wealthy'

Picking up from flustered colleague Bob Schieffer, who on the April 17 Face the Nation demanded of Congressman Paul Ryan, "Why do these rich people need another tax cut? I mean, they're already ...

Media Dust Off 1995 Shutdown Playbook of Cliches to Cover Budget Fight

As a potential government shutdown looms the liberal media are filling their programs with stories about dire consequences of deep cuts that will lead to troops not getting paid, closed national ...
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