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Katie Couric: 'Maybe We Need a Muslim Version of The Cosby Show'

In her @katiecouric Web show analyzing the trends of 2010, the CBS Evening News anchor made a serious speech (in her serious, deep-thinker glasses) against the deep "seething hatred" against ...

In Confrontations With Muslim World, Neil MacFarquhar Again Blames U.S. First

Strained relations with the Muslim world? Blame the United States, says UN Bureau Chief Neil MacFarquhar: "The problem, which 'Arab Voices' persuasively illustrates, is that Americans tend to ...

Cry Babies: 'View' Hosts Walk Out on O'Reilly During Heated Mosque Debate

Whoopi calls O'Reilly's claims 'bull****' before storming off stage

Wash Post's Anne Kornblut: Why, Despite Obama's Efforts, Is There So Much Anti-Muslim 'Resentment?'

Washington Post staff writer Anne Kornblut used her question at a White House press conference on Friday to worry that, despite Barack Obama making it a "priority," anti-Muslim "suspicion" still ...

Laurie Goodstein on Clergy Fighting 'Outright Bigotry' of Anti-Mosque Sentiment

Don't call it a mosque: "Proposed Islamic community center" leading to anti-Muslim bigotry, says Laurie Goodstein: "The clergy members said that those responsible for a poisoned climate included ...

Laurie Goodstein Translates Mosque Opposition Into Anti-Islamic Bigotry, Hate Crimes

Religion reporter Laurie Goodstein is not taking public opposition to the Ground Zero mosque very well, labeling it straight-up red state bigotry: "[Muslims] said they were scared not as much for ...

A Mosque Source That's a Little Too Close

In a Ground Zero mosque story, the Times quotes a freelance journalist warning against Islamophobia - who happens to have freelanced for the Times.

ABC's Amanpour Jabs Bush: Relations with Muslim World 'Devastatingly Damaged Over the Previous Eight Years'

As she appeared on Sunday's Good Morning America, ABC's Christiane Amanpour blamed the Bush administration for America having bad relations with the Muslim world, as she referred to relations ...

Obama's Space Cadets Care More about Islam than NASA

Media ignore new form of shuttle diplomacy that eviscerates very reason agency exists.

ABC Frets Obama's 'Pro-Peace Efforts & Statements' Are 'Overshadowed' by Israeli Raid

On ABC's World News, correspondent Jim Sciutto fretted that the recent Israeli naval raid will undermine President Obama's "pro-peace efforts" toward the Muslim world: "A public outpouring like ...
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