MSNBC Uses William F. Buckley to Bash Health Care Reform Opponents

On MSNBC Friday, anchor John Harwood spoke with New York Times Week in Review editor Sam Tanenhaus about the health care debate: " know an awful lot about the patron saint of modern ...

Vermont Senator Rips Fox News, Demands Progressive TV Network

Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders tells MSNBC 'progressive' media structure lacking, blames struggles of 'civil rights issue' ObamaCare on 'right-wing talk radio.'

Shuster Erupts -- Charges Congressman Misleading Public by Hiding Medicare is 'Government-Run'

MSNBC host repeatedly interrupts Rep. Mike Pence, suggests he is 'stoking' fear of government takeover of health care.

Double Standard: Lefty Media Now Targeting GOP Congresswoman's Son

MSNBC, liberal Web sites use Rep. Bachmann's son's participation in government program to score political points.

Media Cover Town Hall Outrage from Left, Calling it 'Orchestrated' and 'Not about Policy'

Broadcasters decry 'incitement to violence' from far right, say health care town halls are being shut down by 'fake grassroots.'

ABC News Veteran: Most Journalists See Themselves as 'Right Down the Middle'

Time magazine's Mark Halperin, formerly the political director at ABC News, announced on MSNBC's Morning Joe on Tuesday that he believed that most reporters operated under the belief that they are ...

Lou Dobbs: Olbermann the 'Resident Moron' at MSNBC

CNN host and avowed 'independent' expresses frustration over left's efforts to marginalize health care opposition, play the race card.

Hypocrisy Flashback: Media Liberals Saluted Anti-Bush Dissent

With the Obama administration and their friends in the media denouncing the sometimes loud dissent that liberals are facing in town hall meetings on health care, it's worth recalling how some of ...

Rude Matthews Bullies Conservative Guest Opposing ObamaCare

Boorish MSNBC 'Hardball' host attacks Americans for Prosperity President Tim Phillips.

MSNBC Frets About 'Unhinged' Conservatives Who Are 'Scaring' Seniors

MSNBC's graphics department on Monday provided some obnoxious examples of media bias, fretting about "unhinged" conservatives and "health care hysteria." The left-leaning cable network featured ...
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