Olbermann's New Sign-Off Mocks John Boehner & GOP House Takeover

Since Republicans won control of the House of Representatives last week, MSNBC host Keith Olbermann has recited at the end of his Countdown show a new signoff each night he has hosted noting the ...

Chris Matthews' New Thrill: Host Hyperbolically Compares Valerie Plame Movie to 'Casablanca'

Hardball host Chris Matthews on Monday rhapsodized over Fair Game, the new Sean Penn movie about the Valerie Plame scandal, even going so far as to compare the film to the classic Casablanca.

Media, Left Smear Michele Bachmann: Perfect End to Year of GOP Woman

Strong, conservative Minn. congresswoman draws ire of same liberal media that knock Republicans for lack of women.

Media Reporter Passes the Mike to Left-Wing Maddow to Defend Olbermann, Blast Fox News

Media reporter Brian Stelter devoted four paragraphs of his 10-paragraph story on Keith Olbermann's return from his suspension by MSNBC to quoting an on-air harangue of Fox News from Olbermann's ...

MSNBC's Mitchell: 'How Does Extending Tax Cuts for Millionaires Help the Unemployed?'

During her 1PM ET show on MSNBC on Friday, host Andrea Mitchell decried President Obama showing willingness to extend all the Bush tax cuts: "We got the big hint from Robert Gibbs yesterday that ...

MSNBC Says 'Fantastic' Report Shows 151,000 Jobs Added, But Rate 'Holds Steady'

Media ignore how positive numbers fall more than 7 million jobs shy of Obama's jobs promise.

MSNBC's Cenk Uygur Claims George W. Bush Confessed to 'War Crimes' in New Memoir

MSNBC's Cenk Uygur mischaracterized the 43rd President's position on the waterboarding, before demanding that Bush be prosecuted. "Now it seems to me we have a confession here of a war crime and a ...

Olbermann Frets Obama Will Cave to McConnell 'Instead of Kicking Him in the Ass'

On Thursday's Countdown show on MSNBC, as he plugged a segment on Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's appeal to President Obama to cooperate with the GOP, host Keith Olbermann suggested that ...

Comedy Central's Jon Stewart Attacks MSNBC Again: 'Honestly, that is Double-A Ball'

In interview with Fox News Channel's Chris Wallace, 'The Daily Show' host doubles down on his critique of MSNBC for attempting to be a liberal version of FNC.

Dan Rather on MSNBC: Mitch McConnell 'Wants to Cut Out Obama's Heart and Feed His Liver to the Dogs'

During live MSNBC coverage leading up to President Obama's Wednesday 1PM ET press conference, former CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather urged the President to aggressively take on Republicans in ...
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