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Brent Bozell talks about MRC's "Worst of the Worst 2014" on FNC's Hannity, 10:30pm ET/PT


Amanpour Uses ABC's This Week to Continue Her Crusade to Smear America as Islamophobic and Tout Rauf's Cause

ABC's Christiane Amanpour used Sunday's This Week to again shame Americans for their intolerance and Islamophobia as she railed against the ignorance of too many Americans, provided a friendly ...

Amanpour Paints Rauf's Protection Racket as 'a Matter of Vital National Security'

Iman Feisal Abdul Rauf chose ABC's Christiane Amanpour to spend "several hours" with on Thursday in New York City, and just as she did back in August on This Week, she again served as his public ...

Qur'an Burning Threat Leads Network News to Discover Wisdom of Palin and Pope

TV journalists have decided Sarah Palin, the Pope ' and even Pat Robertson ' are now sources of wisdom. Katie Couric teased: "Despite condemnation from the Vatican...that Christian minister in ...
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