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Cooper Basks in 'Obama Camp's Delight' Over Romney Struggles

Helene Cooper: "Both moments were perceived by the Obama re-election campaign as another gift from Mr. Romney - now dubbed 'the gift that keeps on giving' by some on the Obama team."

How Dare Romney Say Obama Made Economy Worse: Reporters Rush to Prez's Defense

Reporters rush to Obama's defense: How dare Romney say Obama has made the economy worse! "It was a dubious statement, because the unemployment rate fell to precisely what it was during Mr. Obama's ...

After Pounding Romney on Taxes, ABC Gloats That 'More' People 'Don't Like' the Republican

After pounding Mitt Romney on taxes and wealth for weeks, ABC on Monday touted a new poll finding that the Republican is "struggling on this key issue of taxes," according to co-host George ...
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Slobbering Over Obama's SOTU; Appalled by "Vulgar" and "Rude" Jan Brewer

Journalists blast Jan Brewer, slobber over Barack Obama, bash Mitt Romney's millions and falsely declare George W. Bush the "food stamp President."

Matthews Dismisses Mitchell's Defense of Bush 41 Over Scanner Non-Gaffe

On Sunday's syndicated Chris Matthews Show, host Matthews dismissed NBC's Andrea Mitchell when she tried to correct his claim that President George H.W. Bush had never seen a checkout scanner ...

CNN Host Asks How Any Nevada Voter Can 'Connect' With Romney - Though Poll Shows Him Ahead by 20 Points

While Mitt Romney is polling strong in Nevada ' as her own network had reported ' CNN's Ashleigh Banfield still questioned how anyone in the state could "connect" with him over his laissez-faire ...

NBC Uses Trump Endorsement to Promote DNC Attacks on Romney

Following Democratic National Committee talking points to the letter at the top of Thursday's NBC Nightly News, anchor Brian Williams saw Donald Trump's endorsement of Mitt Romney as an excuse to ...

Strange New Respect for Mormon Faith When It Comes to Amnesty for Illegals, Tweaking Romney

Suddenly it's not courageous to disagree with the leaders of your religion: "Romney's Tough Immigration View Is at Odds With His Church." Religion reporter Laurie Goodstein even showed respect for ...

Meet Mitt Romney, 'Unfeeling Corporate Titan'

Well, it's slightly better than "greedy titan," which is the insult Times reporters relayed in January.

ABC's Anti-Romney Highlight Reel Recycles 'Poor' Comment Three Times in Three Minutes

The journalists at Good Morning America on Thursday gave an assist to the Obama administration, helpfully creating an anti-Romney highlight reel. The David Muir segment repeated Romney's "poor" ...
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