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NBC Puns: 'Romney's Having A Hard Time Shaking' Etch-A-Sketch Gaffe

Eager to seize on an unfortunate Etch-A-Sketch analogy made by a Romney campaign advisor, on Thursday's NBC Today, co-host Ann Curry used all her cleverness to come up with this one-liner: ...
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NBC Uses Edited Clips to Recount Romney 'Flubs'

On Wednesday's NBC Nightly News, correspondent Chuck Todd filed a report in which he recounted verbal "flubs" of the Romney campaign, but, as he showed brief clips of past Romney statements, he ...
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ABC Again Skimps on 2012 Coverage; Tapper: Race Is Obama Vs. 'Conservative Businessman'

For the third day in a row, an absent George Stephanopoulos prompted ABC's Good Morning America to provide skimpy coverage of the GOP presidential race. While CBS This Morning devoted nine ...
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NBC Cheers Michelle Obama on Letterman Then Touts Video Mocking Mitt Romney

In the 7 a.m. et hour of Tuesday's NBC Today, news anchor Natalie Morales fawned over Michelle Obama's appearance on The Late Show With David Letterman: "She...talked about her late-night ...

Defending Obama, NYT's Broder Hits Mitt for Attacking Obama's Call for Higher Gas Prices: 'Unsubstantiated...Misleading'

New York Times reporter John Broder defends Obama to the hilt on his weak flank of high gas prices: "...Mitt Romney said that President Obama has sought higher gasoline and energy prices and ...
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Another Bogus NYT Story Baselessly Assumes Contraception Fight Hurting the GOP

Another phony New York Times story suggesting women's issues like abortion and contraception are hurting the GOP: Reporter Ashley Parker ignores inconvenient findings from the paper's own poll ...
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Marc Lamont Hill on CNN: GOP Uses English as a 'Language of Imperialism and Global Dominance'

Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney have a "disposition of anti-immigrant" and speak English "as the language of imperialism and global dominance," sounded CNN guest and liberal Columbia University ...
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NYT Plays Guilt By Association: 'Firm Romney Founded Is Tied to Chinese Surveillance'

Anti-Romney guilt by association in a New York Times headline: "Firm Romney Founded Is Tied to Chinese Surveillance." That would be Bain Capital, which has donated more to Democrats than ...
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Matthews: Southern Haters Have to Choose Between 'Cultists' Romney and Santorum

"They've got three RCs, or two RCs- two Roman Catholics- running and a Mormon, so three cultists running, and they gotta pick one of the three cultists, as they see them."
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Front-Page NYT News: Romney's 'Aloof Manner' Hurting His Ability to Connect

Here we go again, "aloof" Romney makes the front page of the New York Times via reporter Michael Barbaro: "Mr. Romney’s struggle to tamp down resurgent opponents and secure the Republican ...
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