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NBC Touts Obama Campaign Smearing Romney 'As A Middle Class Job Killer'

On Monday's NBC Nightly News, anchor Brian Williams attempted to conflate the JPMorgan $2 billion loss with Mitt Romney's business record as he declared: "The Obama campaign may have had this ...
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Curb your "Journalists"

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NBC's Curry: Is Romney 'On the Wrong Side of History' on Gay Marriage?

After grilling Romney campaign adviser Eric Fehrnstrom on a variety of topics on Tuesday's NBC Today, co-host Ann Curry wrapped up the interview by portraying Mitt Romney's support of ...
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NBC: Romney Entered 'Lion's Den' of Liberty University That Has 'Big Problem' With Mormons

Early on Sunday's NBC Today, co-host Jenna Wolfe stirred division between Mitt Romney and  conservatives as she proclaimed: "[He] spoke at Liberty University, an evangelical school that's ...
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Media "Uniformly" Back Obama on Gay Marriage; "Getting Chills" Upon Hearing Obama’s "Historic Words"

The media cheer Barack Obama's flip-flop in favor of gay "marriage," with his handpicked interviewer, ABC's Robin Roberts, confessing to "getting chills" upon hearing his "historic words" on the ...
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CBS: WaPost's Coverage of Romney Bullying Allegation 'Seems Pretty Solid'

Thursday's CBS Evening News and Friday's CBS This Morning spotlighted the Washington Post's reporting on the accusation that Mitt Romney supposedly bullied a high school classmate almost 50 years ...
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Should Romney Issue Bigger Apology for 'Harrowing' Prep School Incident, Asks Soledad O'Brien

Contrary to the media's lack of coverage of President Obama's high school escapades, CNN's Soledad O'Brien promptly jumped on a "harrowing" Washington Post story featuring accusations of ...
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CNN Tries to Get Inside Romney's Head: 'The Bullies Never Recall What They Did'

Even though CNN's Suzanne Malveaux admitted she had no clue what Mitt Romney actually did in high school, she and a guest psychologist tried to speculate away on Friday afternoon's Newsroom. ...
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NBC Reports Romney Bully Story Labeled 'Factually Incorrect' By Family of Alleged Victim

At the end of a full report on Friday's NBC Today, based on a Washington Post hit piece that accused Mitt Romney of bullying of a gay high school classmate, correspondent Peter Alexander ...

Pro-Gay Hero Obama vs. Anti-Gay Bully Romney on Front Page of New York Times

Parker and Kantor tag-team Mitt Romney on alleged anti-gay high-school bullying from a half-century ago: "The day after President Obama endorsed gay marriage, Mitt Romney found himself ...
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