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Playing Into Obama's Populist Pose, NYTimes Obsesses Over Romney's Vacation Digs, Rich Donors

Times reporter Richard Stevenson delivers a leftist lecture: "In an era of populist backlashes against the 1 percent and increased concern about the economic and social ramifications of income ...
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NBC: Obama 'Defying Gravity' By Painting Romney as 'Dangerous'

On Saturday's NBC Today, co-host Lester Holt pondered why President Obama's poll numbers were not lower given the poor economy: " look at the polls, the latest NBC News/Wall Street ...
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NYT: Free Publicity for Lefty Protest of GOP 'Ultrarich;' Obama's Bigger Hollywood Haul Didn't Even Make Print

Tons of free publicity for a left-wing anti-Koch Brothers protest in the NYT: "The event at Mr. Koch's home drew about 200 protesters, who in brochures promoting their demonstration said that ...
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'Chorus of Democrats' and NBC Want to Make Romney Wealth a 'Central Issue' in Campaign

In a report on Monday's NBC Today that could have been written by the Obama campaign, correspondent Peter Alexander helpfully touted the Democratic line of attack against Mitt Romney: " ...
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Parting Shot: NBC Includes Liberal Hit Piece on Romney's Wealth at End of Campaign Report

In a parting shot at Mitt Romney, NBC's Ron Mott pointed to liberal rag Vanity Fair's hit piece on the candidate's wealth at they very end of Mott's report on the presidential campaign. The very ...
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ABC Hypes Obama's Bain Attacks: Romney 'Can't Escape' Ads that Are 'Breaking Through'

ABC's World News on Sunday hyped Barack Obama's attack ads against Mitt Romney's past work for Bain Capital. Anchor David Muir even played a clip of one of the President's ads.  ...
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CBS's O'Donnell Repeatedly Presses Boehner to Implement ObamaCare Benefits, Frets About Loss of 'Protections'

CBS's Norah O'Donnell kept safeguarding provisions of ObamaCare on Sunday's Face the Nation, daring Speaker John Boehner to oppose "protections for individuals" in the bill. O'Donnell ...
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Desperate CNN Anchor Begs Obama and Romney to Defend Their Health Care Plans

In a pathetic act of desperation, CNN's Carol Costello whined that President Obama is not defending his own health care bill well enough and that Mitt Romney is not standing behind his own ...
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On Illegal Immigration, New York Times Keeps Hammering Romney, Boosting Obama

Times reporters Trip Gabriel and Helene Cooper portray amnesty for illegals as a winner for Obama and a loser for Romney: "[Mitt Romney's] outreach efforts came after an order by Mr. Obama to ...
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NBC Fawns Over Obamas' First Date, Mocks Romney As Being Like Britney Spears

In a particularly petty attempt to pump up President Obama and denigrate Mitt Romney, Tuesday's NBC Today brought on left-wing MSNBC host Alex Wagner for a supposed pop culture segment that ...
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