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Miley Cyrus

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2013's Cultural Winners and Losers

Some entertainers stood staunchly beside their moral principles. Some threw them all overboard and became disgusting.
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What a Twerk: Al Roker Applauds Kids Skipping School for ‘Education on Miley Cyrus’

Kids miss class for pop tart’s NBC ‘Education Nation’ concert.  
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‘Saturday Night Live’ Uses Miley Cyrus Take-Off to Mock Bachmann, Boehner

Offensive portrayal perhaps topped by graphic slurs against Bachmann.
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Cyrus Video Takes another ‘Wrecking Ball’ to Hannah Montana

Infamous photographer directs naked video.  
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Forever Tawdry MTV

The Miley Cyrus talk is done. Let's turn the topic back to the bubbling cultural cesspool that is MTV.
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VMAs: Cyrus Gives Hannah Montana the (Foam) Finger

Former Disney star goes over-the-top in sleazy act.  
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Miley Cyrus, Miss USA Get More Time Than Wisconsin Recall on Big Three

The Big Three networks certainly have their priorities straight. ABC, CBS, and NBC's morning shows on Wednesday dedicated more time to entertainment news than the results of the Wisconsin recall ...
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