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No Liberal Controversy This Time: Kakutani Praises Bill Clinton's Latest Book

No Kakutani-Clinton controversy here: Bill Clinton's new book is "a lucid one-man rebuttal of the Tea Party's anti-government agenda. A series of shrewd talking points for Democrats trying to hold ...

Book Critic Kakutani: Beck Fans Moved by Threat of Black President

Charming: Book critic Kakutani on the Tea Party movement, composed of among other things "militia members, Ayn Randers, Limbaugh 'ditto heads,' Glenn Beck fanatics, birthers, Birchers, and ...

NYT's Top Book Critic Forwards Myth of Obama the Moderate

When was this? Top book critic Michiko Kakutani uses David Remnick's new Obama biography to champion Obama as a pragmatic compromiser: "Perhaps it's also an inclination that explains why he made ...

Michiko Misinterprets Novelist Ian McEwan, and Says 'Greed' Causing Global Warming

The paper's liberal book critic strikes again in a misguided review of Ian McEwan's latest novel "Solar," about a hypocritical science fighting climate change: "This self-deluding scientist will ...

Palin Had Image of 'Easily Caricatured Ignoramus,' No Political Experience (But Obama Did?)

In her rush to discredit Sarah Palin's memoir "Going Rogue," the Times' chief book critic Michiko Kakutani unwittingly stumbles into an anti-Obama argument.

On Front Page, Obama Now Being Praised for Reading

Book critic Michiko Kakutani writes that "Mr. Obama's love of fiction and poetry...has not only given him a heightened awareness of language. It has also imbued him with a tragic sense of history ...

Times Implausibly Finds "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart Nonpartisan

Michiko Kakutani: "For all its eviscerations of the administration, 'The Daily Show' is animated not by partisanship but by a deep mistrust of all ideology." What show has she been watching?

Hypocritical Book Critic Bashes "Anti-Intellectual" Bushies

Michiko Kakutani on U.S. anti-intellectualism: "For more than a decade there have been growing symptoms of this affliction, from fundamentalist assaults on the teaching of evolution to the Bush ...

Chief Book Critic Raves Over Liberals in Year-End List

Four out of 6 of Michiko Kakutani's favorite non-fiction books come from liberals.

Kakutani's Surprise Kick at Feminist Faludi's "Sloppily Reasoned" 9-11 Book

The Times at first fawned over feminist Susan Faludi's deluded new book on 9-11 - but then liberal book critic Michiko Kakutani ripped the "ill-conceived and poorly executed book," "one of the ...
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