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NYT's Conservative vs. Liberal Contrast: 'Clashes Over Curbs on Labor' vs. 'New Freedoms in Washington'

New York Times reporters Steven Yaccino and Monica Davey sourly greeted landmark conservative legislation from Michigan, running four paragraphs of quotes from the losing side, compared to three ...
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Michigan's Moderate GOP Gov. Gets NYT Kudos for Rejecting Conservative Policy

For the New York Times, this is an unambiguously good thing: "In this political age of ideological purity, Gov. Rick Snyder of Michigan is an enigma....Snyder, a former accountant who has ...
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Soledad O'Brien Implies That Santorum Lost Catholic Voters by Attacking JFK

Following Rick Santorum's primary loss in Michigan, CNN's Soledad O'Brien asked the candidate's press secretary if he had lost Catholic voters in the state because he criticized the Catholic ...

The New York Times vs. Fiscal Discipline, Again

Monica Davey in Michigan: "Six states have approved reductions in the length of state unemployment benefits. The notion appalls people like Jeananne Bishop, who has been desperately searching for ...

NYT Against State Spending Cuts: Michigan's 6-Week Cut in Jobless Benefits 'Miserly,' 'Stringent'

Michael Cooper doesn't approve of Michigan's small cut in unemployment benefits: "Democrats and advocates for the unemployed expressed outrage that such a hard-hit state will become the most ...

Media Parrot White House Spin on Auto Bailout as Unemployment Rises

ABC, CBS tout 'good news' in Michigan, ignore more out-of-work residents.

Cities of Ruin: Profiles Five 'Bankrupt' Cities, Ignores Liberal Causes

Reporter Ray Sanchez notes 'lingering economic downturn' and excessive debt, fails to explore problems of unionized labor, illegal immigration and overspending.

CNN's Kyra Phillips: Racism a Problem Only Among Whites?

On Wednesday's Newsroom, CNN's Kyra Phillips hinted that racists only come in a shade of white when she highlighted how "there's still racism in this country- KKK members, white supremacists, and ...

The Times Militia Reporting Promotes Favorite Lefties at Southern Poverty Law Center

A would-be domestic terrorist group in Michigan sends the Times running for quotes from the unlabeled left-wingers at Southern Poverty Law Center, who see right-wing extremists just about ...

Washington Post Front Page Gushes: 'A Letter to Obama, and a Life Touched in Return'

The Washington Post rendered itself indistinguishable from the White House publicity effort on Wednesday. At top center of its front page was an article by reporter Eli Saslow - the man who hailed ...
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