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Michelle Obama

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ABC Thrills Over Michelle Obama's Oscar Appearance: 'Straight Out of Argo'

Last week, ABC scored an exclusive "get." Barack and Michelle Obama appeared on Good Morning America to welcome back co-host Robin Roberts from a serious illness. On Tuesday, Roberts paid the ...
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NY Times Misses the Point on Michelle Obama's Intrusive, Politicized 'Star Turn' on Oscar Night

New York Times reporter Jennifer Steinhauer missed the point in her take on Michelle Obama's "star turn" on Oscar night: "...the question of whether it was proper or dignified or awesome for ...
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ABC Hypes Return of Robin Roberts By Touting Her Biggest Fans: The Obamas

ABC's Good Morning America on Wednesday welcomed Robin Roberts back from sick leave by surprising the co-host with her biggest fans, Barack and Michelle Obama. Within two minutes of the show's ...
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NYTimes Cheers First Lady's Fashion on Front Page: 'A First Lady Unafraid to Look Like a Million Bucks'

Times fashion reporter Eric Wilson rapturously reviewed the First Lady's inaugural clothes in the news section, not the fashion pages, of the paper. It was warmly introduced with a front-page ...
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NBC Gushes Over First Lady's Hairdo and President's Playlist

On Thursday, NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams took time out of the broadcast to provide this supposed "news" update: "First Lady Michelle Obama turned 49 today. But the big news came as ...
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Barbara Walters Tosses Softballs to 'Charming' Obama: 'What's Your Favorite App?'

Good Morning America on Friday offered a fawning preview of Barbara Walters' exclusive interview with Barack and Michelle Obama. Walters gushed over the "touching," "charming" couple and asked the ...
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ABC's 'View' Crew Went Soft on Obamas, But Thumped Ann Romney With Abortion, Contraception, and Draft Evasion

On September 25, the Obamas came on The View and drew questions about whether the President was romantic, about their first kiss, and whether he tucks her in at night. Three weeks and a day ...
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NBC's Seacrest to Michelle Obama: Does President 'Look to You for Encouragement' During Debates?

In a fawning softball interview with First Lady Michelle Obama on Tuesday's NBC Today, special correspondent Ryan Seacrest was eager to know how she helps the President during debates: "What did ...
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Cynthia McFadden Enthuses Over Michelle Obama's Skill at 'Cutting' and Not 'Drawing Blood'

In the fourth and final part of ABC's 20 minute-long interview with Michelle Obama, Nightline co-anchor Cynthia McFadden on Wednesday praised the First Lady's skill at "the art of the cut that ...
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Softballs: ABC's Cynthia McFadden Again Skips Tough Questions for Michelle Obama

Tuesday's Nightline featured the second part of an exhaustive, three part interview with Michelle Obama. Once again, co-anchor Cynthia McFadden failed to ask any tough questions to the First ...
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