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Michael Grynbaum

Media Research Center

Profiles of Pro-Gun, Anti-Gun Advocates in NYTimes: Same Page, But Very Different Treatment

The New York Times teased on the front page two profiles of prominent figures in the gun control debate, "bombastic" conservative David Keene and compassionate liberal New York City Mayor ...

NYTimes Tries to Boost a Democrat's Chances in 'A Seat for the Taking..." in Congress

Trust the New York Times to provide the "traction" this trailing NY Democratic candidate needs: A Seat for the Taking, but First Seeking Traction." Reporter Michael Grynbaum: "But as [Democrat ...

New York Times Puts on Front Page Own Poll Alleging NYPD Pro-White Favoritism

After months of hostile coverage, the Times polls New Yorkers on "stop and frisk" police tactics, and finds they are (surprise) divided on whether police treat minorities fairly. The paper uses ...
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