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New York Times Blares Mildly Good Poll News for Obama on Two Consecutive Front Pages

Sunday's New York Times front page: "Challenged on Medicare, G.O.P. Loses Ground." Saturday's front page: "Poll Finds Obama Is Erasing Romney's Edge on Economy." Buried fact: Obama is only up by ...
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Once More, NYTimes Dubiously Defends Obama's 'You Didn't Build That' as 'Taken Out of Context'

There they go again. New York Times reporter Jackie Calmes said speakers at the Democratic convention "sought to counter a Republican convention theme, based on an Obama quote taken out of ...
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NYTimes Pins Clint Eastwood's 'Bizarre, Head-Scratching 12 Minutes' Directly on Mitt Romney on Saturday's Front Page

A twelve-minute introductory speech by movie legend Clint Eastwood is pinned on "Mitt Romney himself." Michael Barbaro and Michael Shear write for Saturday's New York Times front page: For all ...
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Predictable: NYTimes Fills News Gap With Overblown Lead on Discord Among 'Straight-Laced' GOP 'Squares'

Times reporters used weather woes to predict trouble for and mock the Republican convention. Michael Barbaro and Ashley Parker: "The first day of a hyper-scripted convention was canceled here, ...
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NYTimes Contrasts 'Relaxed and Loose' Obama With Unsubtle Romney Rallies, 'Mostly White and Older'

When the New York Times sends reporters to compare and contrast the Romney and Obama campaign styles, little surprise who comes off looking best. Times reporter Helene Cooper: "In a re-election ...
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Should Romney Deliver 'Powerful Counterpunch' Or 'Shift to Positive Campaign'? NYT Can't Decide

Does the New York Times think Mitt Romney should "leaven his harsh criticism of President Obama" or deliver "powerful counterpunch"? It depends on which Times article you read. A July 12 headline: ...
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NYT: Free Publicity for Lefty Protest of GOP 'Ultrarich;' Obama's Bigger Hollywood Haul Didn't Even Make Print

Tons of free publicity for a left-wing anti-Koch Brothers protest in the NYT: "The event at Mr. Koch's home drew about 200 protesters, who in brochures promoting their demonstration said that ...
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NYT Devotes Front of Home Section to Romney-Bashing From the Candidate's Snotty Liberal Neighbors

Times reporter Michael Barbaro finds Mitt Romney too square for his hip California neighborhood: "And personal politics is fueling their frustration as much as anything else, several days of ...
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Eric Lichtblau of NYTimes Tries Guilt by Association to Tie Wal-Mart to Trayvon Martin Shooting

Times tries guilt by association to tie Wal-Mart to the Trayvon Martin shooting: "....Wal-Mart was involved at least indirectly in the formulation of a controversial gun policy that was pushed ...
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Romney Already Running Too Harsh a Campaign Against Obama, Chides New York Times

The campaign's just started, but already the Times finds Mitt Romney being too harsh on President Obama. Michael Barbaro writes: "Republicans have a message for Mitt Romney: it’s time to go ...
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