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NBC and ABC Skip News That Prisons Will Now Be Enrolling Inmates Under ObamaCare

In a front page story for Monday's New York Times, writer Erica Goode revealed that prisons all across the country are enrolling inmates to ObamaCare. Despite the fact that many media outlets ...
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NBC Skips Dire New Warning: ObamaCare Will 'Make Things Worse' in the ER

Of the three major networks, only NBC ignored a major new report with a dire warning about ObamaCare: The President's health care law will likely make things worse in emergency rooms, not better. ...
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MSNBC's Wolffe Finds Paul Ryan Budget 'Harsh' with 'Absolutely No Compassion'

On Tuesday's PoliticsNation, Executive Editor Richard Wolffe described Wisconsin Republican Rep. Paul Ryan as having put together a budget that was "harsh" and "showing absolutely no ...
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Mediscare! CNN Hypes Cartoon Characters' Plight Under Romney-Ryan's Medicare, Medicaid Plans

In an elementary and partisan stunt, CNN used cartoon characters to hype that seniors might lose ObamaCare benefits if the Romney-Ryan ticket wins in November. On Tuesday, medical correspondent ...
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Chris Matthews Slams Paul Ryan Budget as 'Screwing' Needy People

On a special Saturday edition of Hardball, MSNBC host Chris Matthews twice claimed that Republican Rep. Paul Ryan's budget "screws" needy people. During a segment with Democratic Rep. Chris Van ...
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CBS Confronts Rick Scott: If ObamaCare 'Is Not the Right Way to Do Things, What Is?'

CBS This Morning went after Governor Rick Scott (R-Fla.) on Thursday, throwing an Orlando Sentinel op-ed and a PolitiFact report at him and challenging him to answer just why ObamaCare wasn't ...

CNN Incorrectly Hypes Seniors' Fears of Social Security Default

Even Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) believes the government can still pay out social security checks if the debt ceiling is not raised, but CNN highlighted disgruntled seniors Thursday who ...

NBC Sees 'Hypocrisy Problem' for Michele Bachmann on Government Spending

On Wednesday's NBC Today, correspondent Kelly O'Donnell declared that Michele Bachmann "faces new candidate scrutiny, including financial records for a family business" and proceeded to hype a ...

Media Defend Obama's 'Revamped' Health Care Takeover Plan

Networks and cable misreport elimination of 'Cornhusker' deal, fail to criticize price controls and downplay public opposition.

Econ 101: Health Care Reform

The market needs less government inefficiency not more to improve the system and lower health care costs.
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