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NBC's Morales Gets Caught Up in Obama Olympic Charm Offensive

NBC's Natalie Morales, on Wednesday's Today, was bowled over by the First Couple's "tag-teaming" effort to lure the Olympics to their home city of Chicago. Reporting live from Copenhagen, Morales ...

NBC's Lauer Fails to Challenge Claim Polanski 'Did Not Forcibly Have Sex with' Under-aged Girl

Former sister-in-law to fugitive said his encounter with a 13-year-old girl was a consensual matter.

'Today's' Matt Lauer Discusses Positive Aspects of Smoking Marijuana

Morning show segment talks about benefits of illegal drug and includes pitch for legalization.

Worried Lauer Asks Bill Clinton if NY Gov Hurting Democratic Party

During a wide-ranging interview with Bill Clinton, on Tuesday's Today show, about his Clinton Initiative summit, NBC's Matt Lauer wanted to get the former President's advice on whether current New ...

On Today: Obamas Arrive in Martha's Vineyard and the Children Sing!

NBC's Ron Allen, on Monday's Today show, highlighted how the residents on Martha's Vineyard are in a tizzy about the First Family vacationing there as he gushed: "On the small island off the coast ...

Today Misses Partisan Aspect of Ted Kennedy's 'Poignant' Succession Request

Lost in Thursday's Today coverage of Senator Ted Kennedy's letter requesting a succession plan, should the Massachusetts senator be unable to serve due to health reasons, was how nakedly partisan ...

Worried Lauer Pushes Howard Dean from the Left on Health Care Reform

NBC's Matt Lauer opened Monday's Today show worrying about the possible loss of a public option in Barack Obama's health care reform as he teased viewers at the start of the show: "Reining it in. ...

Lauer Warns Robert Gibbs: Obama Town Hall Could Be 'Super Bowl for Shouters'

NBC's Matt Lauer, on Tuesday's Today show, invited on Robert Gibbs to preview Barack Obama's town hall meeting on health care and warned the White House press secretary that it could be a "Super ...

Lauer to Malkin: Will 'No' Votes on Sotomayor Hurt GOP with Hispanics?

NBC's Matt Lauer, on Wednesday's Today show, invited on conservative columnist and author Michelle Malkin to discuss several topics ranging from Henry Louis Gates Jr.'s arrest to Malkin's critique ...

Forbes Writer Warns of $20 Gas; Envisions a Utopia Nearly Without Cars

Christopher Steiner tells NBC's 'Today' hikes in gas prices would mean bankrupt airlines and death of big-box retailers like Wal-Mart.
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