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Liberal Lecturing Begins: ABC's Dowd Knocks 'Mad Men' Republicans in a 'Modern Family America'

In the aftermath of Barack Obama's reelection, the lecturing and advice from the liberal media began on Wednesday's Good Morning America. ABC analyst Matt Dowd mocked the GOP as a "Mad ...
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ABC Cheers 'Laudable' Candy Crowley for Propping Up Obama in Debate

ABC analyst Matthew Dowd on Sunday cheered the "laudable" Candy Crowley for propping up Barack Obama with wrong information about Libya during last week's debate. Referring to a contentious ...
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Stephanopoulos Hyped 'Shock Waves' for Romney's Secret Tape, No Hyperbole for Obama Race Video

In September, Good Morning America's George Stephanopoulos hyped Mitt Romney's "47 percent" tape as sending "shock waves" through the presidential race. ABC analyst Matt Dowd called it a "six ...
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ABC Hammers at Romney's 'Likability Problem'

Just before Ann Romney's speech at the GOP convention, ABC repeatedly branded Mitt Romney with unfavorable ratings from its latest poll, and emphasized his "likability problem." ABC brought up ...
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ABC Lectures Rick Santorum: Stop Wasting Your 'Political Capital' and 'Get Out'

Good Morning America analyst Matt Dowd on Wednesday lectured Rick Santorum to "get out" and stop wasting "any little bit of political capital he has left." Depending on which count one looks ...
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ABC Hypes Ex-Bush Aide: Hypocritical States Push God While Touting Gun Rights

Which This Week analyst used the Trayvon Martin shooting in Florida as an excuse to slam religious conservative? It wasn't liberal host George Stephanopoulos. Instead, Matt Dowd on Sunday said ...
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