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Margaret Thatcher

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MSNBC Savaged Thatcher When She Died, But Now Matthews Insists It’s ‘Not Nice’ to Attack Dead Leaders

An indignant Chris Matthews on Monday took internet attacks on the late Nelson Mandela, allegedly from conservative commenters, and slammed the right for a lack of respect towards the South ...
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NY Times Doesn't Let 'Costly' Funeral Halt Criticism of 'Deeply Polarizing...Divisive' Thatcher

From the paper's account of the funeral for the "deeply polarizing...divisive" Margaret Thatcher: "Critics have claimed that the authorities have sought to cloak the cost of the ceremony by not ...
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As Britain Says Goodbye, Networks Tout Ugly Attacks on 'Polarizing,' 'Divisive' Margaret Thatcher

In the days leading up to Margaret Thatcher's funeral on Wednesday, the three networks repeatedly hyped hateful, ugly attacks on the former Prime Minister of Britain, describing her as a ...
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Thrashing Thatcher, the Brutal "Antithesis of Freedom;" MSNBC: Kids Belong to the Collective

Within an hour of news that former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher had passed away, reporters were hurling epithets, claiming she "punished communites," "decimated entire industries," and ...
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Remembering (and Forgetting) Thatcher

Oh, how American liberals disliked British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher when she was in power and in Ronald Reagan's mold.
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MSNBC's Hayes Lauds 'Beloved' UK National Health Care as 'Great Hallmark'

On Monday's All In show on MSNBC, host Chris Hayes praised Britain's "beloved" national health care program as possibly "one of the great hallmarks of western social democracy," as he admitted to ...
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NBC: Margaret Thatcher 'Too Controversial' for State Funeral; 'Dancing in the Streets' Upon Her Death

During a report on Tuesday's NBC Today, correspondent Michelle Kosinski took gratuitous shots at Margaret Thatcher while detailing funeral plans for the former British prime minister who died ...
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Margaret Thatcher a 'Dominant Yet Divisive Figure' Who Helped 'Unravel Social Compacts'

A news analysis upon the death of Margaret Thatcher concludes: "However, there were others, particularly on the political left, who spoke with bitterness of the vogue that spread across the ...
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CNN Quotes Meryl Streep, Gerry Adams as Legitimate Critics of Margaret Thatcher

In discussing the late Margaret Thatcher's legacy, CNN's Ashleigh Banfield gave a platform to liberal Hollywood actress Meryl Streep and former Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams, who had ties to ...
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CNN Says Thatcher 'Decimated' British Communities, Industries

Reporting on the late Margaret Thatcher's legacy on Monday, CNN correspondent Max Foster hyped that she "decimated entire industries" in Britain and "decimated communities across the UK." He ...
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