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Leibovich Mines Florida Tea Party for Paranoia While Pitying 'Pariah' Moderate Charlie Crist

The Times' Mark Leibovich finds hecklers, racist anecdotes, and "contempt for the president" at a Florida tea party rally in a profile of the upcoming Florida Senate primary pitting Marco Rubio ...

In Florida, 'Far Right' Is 'Hounding' GOP To Back Conservatives

Reporter Kate Zernike, previously known for ardent defenses of failed presidential candidate John Kerry, finds that moderate Florida Republican Gov. Charlie Crist has become, as a front-page ...

MSNBC Frets About 'Far Right' and 'Super Conservatives Alienating GOP Centrists'

MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan anchored a segment on Tuesday's Morning Meeting that worried about the "far right" and wondered whether "super conservatives" are alienating "GOP centrists." The host ...
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