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Alleged 'News' Headline Pits 'Have-Lots vs. the Have-Nots'

Eric Pfanner exudes leftist sensibilities in his report from the World Economic Forum in Davos: "...a new wave of anger was welling up, one that, over the last year, would shake up old assumptions ...

CBS's Norah O'Donnell Chides: Jan Brewer's 'Finger' 'Has Tongues Wagging'

Reporter Norah O'Donnell chided the governor of Arizona on Thursday, insisting, "...It's [Jan] Brewer's finger that has tongues wagging." All three networks highlighted a confrontation between the ...

Piers Morgan Fawns Over 'Razor Smart' Alec Baldwin, 'Talking Like a President'

Alec Baldwin is part of the Hollywood liberal elite, but that didn't stop CNN's Piers Morgan ' whose job is to be an objective and fair interviewer ' from pressing him to run for office.

NBC's Lauer Hypes Pelosi's Non-Existent Charges Against Gingrich As 'Pretty Alarming'

Despite the fact that Nancy Pelosi has failed to produce any evidence to back up her claim that she "knows something" about Newt Gingrich that would end his candidacy, on Thursday's NBC Today, ...

Media Research Center Announces $5 Million Campaign Exposing Media Bias

Media Research Center Announces $5 Million Campaign Exposing Media Bias

Come Again? MSNBC's Wagner Claims Reagan 'Would Be A Democrat' Today

Alex Wagner made an eye-popping remark on her MSNBC program on Wednesday, as she hinted that she agreed with former Obama spokesman Bill Burton's assertion that Ronald Reagan would feel out of ...

CNN Blares Liberal Spin on Taxes

President Obama has called for the "Buffett Rule" - higher taxes on millionaires - and CNN helped him make his case Wednesday afternoon by airing his spin and interviewing a guest who agreed with him.

ABC Plagiarizes Obama's Talking Points, Moran Recites from Biden's Call to Dems

On Tuesday night, ABC's George Stephanopoulos informed, "...Vice President Biden just before the speech gave a call to Democrats. And he summed up the speech with this phrase, Bin Laden is dead, ...

Florida Tea Partiers Akin to Angry Bulls, Charging at Gov. Crist's 'Moderate Apostasy'

Trip Gabriel likens Tea Party conservatives to angry bulls: "As he moved to consolidate the conservative base behind him, Newt Gingrich waved the red cape of a former Florida governor who quit the ...

Times Puts Photo of Romney's Tax Return in Lead Story Slot

More tax-hike propaganda in Wednesday's lead slot, conveniently matching President Obama's tax-the-rich campaign strategy. The Times took an obsessively detailed look at Mitt Romney's recently ...
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