Appearance Alert
MRC's Bozell to appear on Fox News' 'The Kelly File' at 9:40pm ET


Blame the Right for Everything: Times Ludicrously Labels 9-11 Truthers 'Right-Wing'

Right-wing Truthers? "...the station canceled [Bill] Weinberg's program...after he accused WBAI of promoting fringe right-wing commentators and conspiracy theories claiming that the United States ...

The Real Radio Hatemongers

Leftists say outrageous things on the radio routinely, and those remarks never see the light of day on ABC, CBS, and NBC. The Media Research Center has a new report chronicling who the real radio ...

What Radical Leftist Am I Flattering Today?

Colin Moynihan writes of radical lawyer Lynne Stewart's "long record of representing the disadvantaged, the destitute and the despised." She was convicted of aiding a Muslim terrorist. Last year, ...
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