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CNN's Lothian: Nobel Prize an 'A' for Effort, Could Help with Health Care

CNN's Dan Lothian, on Friday morning, saw nothing but pluses for President Obama's reception of the Nobel Peace Prize. Lothian guessed Obama "obviously is getting an 'A' for effort here," and even ...

Paul Begala Returns to Bashing Rush Limbaugh With Drug Reference

Democratic strategist Paul Begala can be relied upon to use the "drug card" against Rush Limbaugh and he was true to form on Tuesday's Situation Room. When CNN's Wolf Blitzer asked what it would ...

CNN's Toobin Again Touts 'Very Conservative' vs 'Liberal' Supreme Court

CNN'st Jeffrey Toobin again turned to his usual labeling of the ideological split on the Supreme Court on Monday's American Morning. Toobin tagged Justices Scalia, Thomas, Alito and Roberts "very ...

Newspaper Editor Finds Unusual Conservative Who's 'Thoughtful, Measured'

Butte's Montana Standard announced it would carry Byron York's column and introduced York by explaining how he's not a typical conservative: "York, a staunch conservative, presents his arguments ...

CNN Zeroes-In on 'Dark Undercurrent' of Tea Parties

CNN's Jim Spellman did his best to paint the participants of the Tea Party Express's rallies across the nation as a bunch of extremists on Saturday's Newsroom. Spellman played clips which ...

To NY Times Editor Tanenhaus: Obama 'Centrist, Explicitly Nonideological'

Catching up with a great catch in last week's Weekly Standard, the September 7 issue highlighted an example of how it takes a worldview that sees liberals like Barack Obama as "consensus"-oriented ...

CNN's Martin: 'Insane' Objectors to Obama Speech to Kids Acting Childish

On Thursday's Campbell Brown program, CNN's Roland Martin berated the critics of the accompanying lesson plan for President Obama's upcoming speech to school kids, calling them "insane parents."

The Catholic Church's So-Called "Moral Convictions" Against Abortion

In David Kirkpatrick's piece on Catholic opposition to Obama-care, phrases employed by conservatives like "rationing" and "moral convictions" are closed up in scare quotes.

ABC's Chris Cuomo Sneers at RNC's Steele That 'Death Panel' Lingo Is Left Out of His New Op-Ed

ABC News anchor Chris Cuomo conducted a hostile interview of RNC Chairman Michael Steele on Monday's Good Morning America. Noting Steele hadn't used the term "death panel," Cuomo asked if it was ...

CNN's Jack Cafferty Again Derides Palin, Calls Her 'Lame'

CNN's Jack Cafferty, on Monday's Situation Room, referred to one of Sarah Palin's reasons for her resignation, that she wanted to avoid becoming a lame duck, then cracked: "She was already lame."
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