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Justin Gillis

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Times Watch Quotes of Note: Reporter-Activist Justin Gillis's Climate Solution: Blind Panic

Plus, Times Public Editor confesses the paper "basked a bit in the warm glow of Mr. Obama’s election," Linda Greenhouse thinks Obama-care had a good day at the Supreme Court, and Gail Collins says ...
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Gillis Again Discredits Global Warming Skeptics, Who 'Plaster the Internet' While Having No 'Serious Credentials'

Times reporter Justin Gillis continues his unapologetic activism in support of fighting "climate change," referring to skeptics "who plaster the Internet with their writings" while "hardly any ...
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Scientists Not Alarmist Enough, NYT's Gillis Pushes Poll Showing Public Thinks 'Weather Extremes' Mean Climate Change

Since scientists are not sufficiently alarmist about so-called extreme weather for New York Times's apocalyptic climate reporter Justin Gillis, he is now promoting now surveysto make the case for ...
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NYTimes' Climate Reporter Justin Gillis Compares Global-Warming Skeptics to Opponents of Evolution

Times climate change reporter Justin Gillis, whose previous environmental reporting was nominated by an environmental scientist as perhaps "the worst ever" to appear in the Times, compares ...
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Justin Gillis, NYT's Apocalypse Reporter, Again Makes Front Page With Story on Arctic Sea Ice

Another "weird weather" development means another front-page warning of climate change, based on sea ice, from New York Times environmental reporter Justin Gillis: "...suspicion is focused these ...
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Another Front-Page Global Warming Threat From the NYT's Apocalypse Reporter, Justin Gillis

Man the lifeboats! NYT reporter Justin Gillis has another dose of doom, in the form of rising sea levels caused by you know what: "About 3.7 million Americans live within a few feet of high tide ...
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NYTimes Embraces Stolen Heartland Institute Docs, Snottily Dismisses Climate Skepticism

The Times embraces stolen documents from an activist group skeptical of global warming, and snottily dismisses the Heartland Institute's claim the theory is "a major scientific controversy." "It ...
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