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ABC, NBC Continue to Play Obama's KGB Gaffe Without Noticing It's a Gaffe

ABC and NBC on Wednesday continued to pretend that one of Barack Obama's gaffes on the Tonight Show wasn't a mistake. World News's Jon Karl and Nightly News's Chuck Todd uncritically repeated the ...
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ABC Lectures: 'Real Concern' GOP May Be 'Overplaying Their Hand' on IRS

The reporters at Good Morning America on Friday continued White House damage control efforts on the growing scandal involving the Internal Revenue Service targeting conservative groups. Former ...
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ABC Wants to Move on from IRS Scandal: 'White House Firing Back' and 'Feels a Lot Better'

The journalists at Good Morning America on Thursday floated the idea that Barack Obama is poised to move on from the Internal Revenue Service scandal. One day after the President announced the ...
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Jon Karl Exposes: IRS Targeting of Conservatives Began in 2010; Not Skeptical on White House Involvement

Good Morning America's Jon Karl on Monday exposed new details about the growing scandal involving the Internal Revenue Service targeting conservatives. The correspondent revealed, "I've obtained a ...
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ABC Commits Journalism, Investigates 'Not True' White House Statements on Libya and Editing of Documents

ABC journalist Jon Karl actually followed up on Wednesday's Benghazi hearings, exposing that CIA talking points on the September 11, 2012 terrorist attack were "dramatically edited" a total of 12 ...
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Snide ABC: NRA Takes a 'Victory Lap' and 'Uses' Boston to Fight Gun Control

ABC reporters over the weekend huffed that the National Rifle Association took a "victory lap" and sneered that the gun group was "using" the Boston bombing at their recent convention. Reporter ...
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ABC Is So Intent on Pushing Gun Control, the Network Twice Played Rival NBC's SNL Parody

ABC has aggressively pushed Barack Obama's gun control scheme in recent weeks. But on Sunday and Monday, the network resorted to playing clips of a rival channel's comedy show, Saturday Night ...
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ABC's Jon Karl Skeptically Questions Obama's Ending of White House Tours

World News's Jonathan Karl on Wednesday turned a uniquely skeptical eye on Barack Obama's decision to end White House tours in the wake of sequester. Highlighting the President's claim that the ...
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ABC: Sequester 'Armageddon' Will Lead to 'Jobs Vaporizing' and 'Criminals Walking Free'

The hosts and reporters on Friday's Good Morning America hyped the "massive" sequester cuts as leading to near panic. Josh Elliott opened the show by hyperventilating, "Jobs vaporizing, flights ...
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Hyperbolic ABC: 'Massive Spending Cuts' to Cause 'Meat Shortages?'

The reporters of Good Morning America, who on Monday briefly questioned Barack Obama's hyperbolic talk about the sequester cuts, have returned to promoting dire warnings of meat shortages and ...
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