CNBC: McCain Campaign 'Over-the-Top' for Pointing Out NYT Bias

John Harwood portrays McCain strategy as a distraction stemming from 'frustration' on MSNBC's 'Countdown.'

CNBC: Obama Says Race Might Be Factor to 'Overcome'

Democratic presidential candidate says people will ask 'Can this guy help me' achieve American dream; repeats medias Great Depression theme.

Bumiller Joins Obama to Paint McCain as Bumbler: Colleague Cries "Cheap Shot"

A Times reporter has her (and the Obama campaign's) assumption challenged on the idea that McCain is blind to America's economic woes: "When you listen to that sound-bite in its totality, isn't it ...

Public Editor Says Palin Coverage Fair, Parenting Angle "Legitimate"

Clark Hoyt says questions about Palin's "juggling" ability are totally inbounds: "The New York Times did have a front page story about the conversations that are going on among women...about how ...

NYT Writer "Surprised" by McCain Op-Ed Rejection

Bias tilting point? Times writer John Harwood admitted he was "surprised" his paper didn't accept John McCain's pro-surge op-ed after it ran a pro-withdrawal one from Obama.
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