NYT Column on 'Obama Haters' Goes Too Far, Even for MSNBC

Reacting to a New York Times column in which Frank Rich claimed Fox News was responsible for violent acts like the murder of abortionist George Tiller or the Holocaust Museum shooting, on MSNBC on ...

Obama Swatting Fly a 'Dirty Harry Make-My-Day Moment'

On MSNBC, John Harwood shared an intense moment with President Obama he had during a CNBC interview: "He had this fly that was persistently buzzing around him during the interview...he swatted his ...

The Times Finds New Way to Insult Ronald Reagan

John Harwood finds a new way to insult Ronald Reagan: The former heartless budget-cutter was actually guilty of "runaway spending."

MSNBC's Brewer: GOP Should Move 'Away from Morals and Values'

On Monday, MSNBC anchor Contessa Brewer offered some advice to Republicans: "Until they change policies ' I mean, that's what it took for conservatives in Great Britain to win ' is a real change ...

While Obama "Trying to Bring People Together," GOP Dredges Up "Ugly Culture and Race Wars"

White House reporter Sheryl Gay Stolberg laments GOP attacks on Sotomayor: "And also I think that it's important to note that this comes in the broader context of race relations in this country, ...

Tax 'Cuts,' Tax Hikes, Media Back Obama Either Way

Cable and network news applaud Obama's stimulus bill for 'tax breaks,' but barely explain president's proposed tax hikes in the 2010 budget.

Krugman's Obama Would be Like 'Franklin Delano'

Nobel Prize winning economist has devoted over half his post-election columns to urging Obama to act like FDR, or promoting New Deal-style stimulus.

Kernen: Energy Czar Browner is 'Scary' during 'Once in a Lifetime Recession'

CNBC anchor says she could regulate emissions of 'bakeries, breweries, places of worship.'

Stolberg: Big-Government Proposals Provide "Comfort" in Times Akin to Great Depression

The Times' White House reporter celebrates the New New Deal: "Well I think you're seeing a very interesting comparison frankly to Franklin Roosevelt and the New Deal. This has been called the New ...

Did McCain Really "Tolerate Insults and Threats" of Obama?

Reporter Elisabeth Bumiller also paints a distorted picture of John McCain's "devastated" reaction to Rep. John Lewis comparing him to segregationist George Wallace.
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