CNBC's Harwood Claims Public Doesn't Know Enough about Obamacare

Washington correspondent makes case for health care reform despite Brown victory; 'Squawk Box; co-hosts Kernen, Quick refute claim.

NYT Columnist Charles Blow: 'Rush Is a Particularly Vile Human Being'

The Times anti-Limbaugh hate-fest on MSNBC: Times contributor John Harwood calls Rush's crack that Obama would use Haiti to appeal to "both [the] light-skinned and dark-skinned black community" ...

Nancy Pelosi's Jab at Obama that 'No One Missed' - Except for Times Readers

The Times' John Harwood claims that "No one missed Speaker Nancy Pelosi's recent jab at Mr. Obama when she pointed out campaign stances that he has since set aside." Well, no one except New York ...

CNBC's John Harwood: Liberal Critics of ObamaCare 'Idiotic;' 'On Drugs'

Appearing Monday on MSNBC during the 10AM ET hour, CNBC White House correspondent John Harwood worked to whip up support for the health care bill passed by Senate Democrats while slamming its ...

Bloviating Dick Cavett Bashes 'Know-Nothing' Sarah Palin, Obsesses Over His Brilliance

Talk show host Dick Cavett, whose TV show went off the air in 1982, appeared on MSNBC, Friday, to trash Sarah Palin as a "know nothing" and someone who has "no first language." Mostly, however, he ...

Obama vs. "Hyperpartisans"

Anyone who dares oppose Barack Obama is described by the media as crazy, or racist, or even hoping Obama is killed. NBC's anchor decried a "hyperpartisan era of vocal and instant outrage."

'Republican Right's First Scalp,' Nets Portray Van Jones as Victim of Conservatives

Instead of focusing on how the Obama administration hired a man who added his name to a petition asserting the Bush administration deliberately allowed the 9/11 attacks to occur, ABC and NBC on ...

MSNBC Uses William F. Buckley to Bash Health Care Reform Opponents

On MSNBC Friday, anchor John Harwood spoke with New York Times Week in Review editor Sam Tanenhaus about the health care debate: " know an awful lot about the patron saint of modern ...

CNBC 'Skeptical' of White House Claim about Labor Report

Unemployment in July dropped to 9.4 percent, CBNC discusses 'conspiracy theory' regarding president's knowledge of jobs numbers.

Second-Guessed: CNBC's Harwood Suggests Tax Cuts May Have Been More Stimulative

Network's D.C. correspondent faults administration for slow stimulus disbursement; says 'now is their time to prove themselves.'
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