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CNN Whacks 'Dysfunctional' Senate GOP and McConnell's 'Vicious' Words; Ignores Harry Reid's Hypocrisy

On Friday's New Day, CNN slapped Senate Republicans for "vicious" rhetoric and "dysfunctional" behavior in opposing President Obama's nominees, while failing to note Majority Leader Harry ...
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Advocacy: CNN Begs Congress to 'Fix' Student Loan Rate Hike

In a show of advocacy and not journalism, CNN hosts skirted the policy details of the student loans debate and instead just paddled Congress for letting the loan rates double, on Monday's New ...
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CNN Hypes Christie-Obama 'Bromance' as President Tries to Divert Attention from Scandals

As CBS and NBC both touted President Obama's Tuesday visit to New Jersey, so too did CNN hype Obama's "bromance" with Governor Chris Christie as the President tried to step away from ...
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CNN Asks Steve King If GOP Is 'Chastened' By Election Losses

During CNN's inauguration coverage on Monday's Starting Point, correspondent John King helped bolster President Obama's image as he asked Tea Party Congressman Steve King (R-Iowa) if Republicans ...
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CNN's Borger Excuses Obama's Decision Not to Meet Privately With World Leaders

CNN's Gloria Borger provided the Obama campaign spin on Tuesday afternoon, excusing the President's choice to not meet privately with any foreign leaders at this week's UN General Assembly. This ...
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CNN Hails 'Home Run Derby of Speeches' at DNC

The Democratic Convention produced a "home run derby of speeches," insisted CNN's John King early Friday morning on Piers Morgan Tonight. This came after CNN hailed Michelle Obama's DNC ...
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CNN Asks If Romney's 'Rich Guy Image' Will Hurt Him, Although Poll Shows Americans Don't Care

CNN continued to hype the possible negative implications of Mitt Romney's "rich guy image" on Monday evening, even though a new poll reports 71 percent of Americans said Romney's wealth is "not a ...
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