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CBS Concedes: Romney Better Push Libya Because the Press Won't 'Make the Case for Him'

CBS News political director John Dickerson on Sunday conceded the obvious, advising Mitt Romney to make Libya an issue in the campaign because the media "isn't necessarily going to make that ...
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CBS Touts Unnamed 'Panicked' Republicans' 'Real Sense of Fear That Romney Really Has One Last Shot'

Thursday's CBS This Morning was practically ready to sound the death knell for Mitt Romney's campaign, with John Dickerson playing up "the real sense of fear" among anonymous Republican sources ...
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CBS Plays Up Politico's Reporting on Apparent 'Turmoil' in Romney Campaign

Like their colleagues on NBC's Today show, Monday's CBS This Morning forwarded a recent Politico report about supposed "turmoil inside the Romney campaign," which was stuffed with unnamed sources. ...
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CBS Gets in Senator Portman's Face on Embassy Apology Dispute, Breaks Out Kid Gloves for Obama

Thursday's CBS This Morning rushed to President Obama's defense over the spat between the Democrat and opponent Mitt Romney over a statement issued by the U.S. embassy in Cairo, Egypt condemning ...
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CBS: Akin 'Put a Highlight on the Extreme End of the Abortion Debate'

John Dickerson hinted on Wednesday's CBS This Morning that the only radicals in the abortion debate were on the pro-life side. During a discussion about the furor over Rep. Todd Akin's recent ...
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CBS Defends Obama's 'You Didn't Build That' Remarks; Invokes 'It Takes A Village'

On Thursday's CBS This Morning, Charlie Rose and John Dickerson shamelessly defended the President Obama's "you didn't build that" comments on business. Rose asserted, "If you look at the full ...
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CBS's O'Donnell: Court Striking Down ObamaCare 'Might Be Better for the President'

On Sunday's Face The Nation, Norah O'Donnell desperately tried to find a silver lining for President Obama if the Supreme Court ends up striking down his health care law. While her fellow ...
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CBS's Bill Plante: Bill Clinton's Reputation 'Bathed in Nostalgia'

CBS This Morning on Tuesday heralded President Obama and former President Bill Clinton's joint fundraising appearances in New York City, playing up the "star-studded lineup" that appeared with the ...
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CBS: Walker Might Become Anti-Union 'Poster Child' If He Wins Recall

On Sunday's CBS Evening News, John Dickerson candidly admitted that a failed recall attempt of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker "would be a big blow" to the unions, and that it "would be a sign to any ...
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CBS: 'Troubling Signs' for Obama, Like Bush in '92, But President 'Cannot Control' Economy

On Friday's CBS This Morning, Jan Crawford spotlighted that "the economic and political climate today is more similar to years when incumbent presidents lost than when they won." The correspondent ...
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