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NBC, ABC Knock GOP for 'Messing Up' Payroll Tax Cut: 'Holiday Cheer Gone Sour'

NBC and ABC on Monday and Tuesday knocked House Republicans for potentially "messing up" an extension of the payroll tax cut. NBC's Kelly O'Donnell derided this as "holiday cheer gone sour."

ABC's Jobs Solution: 'Spend and Build,' a 'Stimulus Program as Big as the One That Was Launched in World War II'

In the midst of the failure of President Obama's "stimulus spending" program, ABC on Friday night asserted the solution to the devastating report, of zero jobs created in August, is...more ...

ABC's Avila: Rick Perry 'Does Not Care' About Science, Has 'Close Relationship' with Guns

According to Good Morning America's Jim Avila, Rick Perry "does not care" about the "overwhelming scientific evidence" of global warming. The ABC reporter on Thursday offered a hostile, ...

Diane Sawyer Uses Wind Disaster to Hype Global Warming: 'Weather Gone Wild'

World News' Diane Sawyer on Monday hyped a disaster at a rock concert in Indianapolis as an example of "weather gone wild" and linked it to global warming. Hyperbolically connecting the tragedy to ...

MSNBC: Leaning Left for 15 Long Years - A Year-by-Year Video Retrospective

On Thursday night MSNBC's cast and crew gathered in Washington D.C. to celebrate their network being on the air for 15 long years. The following collection of the worst MSNBC quotes, year-by-year, ...

Diane Sawyer on Tornadoes: 'This Is the Evidence of a Kind of Preview of Life Under Global Warming?'

ABC's Diane Sawyer on Monday night presumed everyone lives inside her media bubble obsessed with "global warming" as she set out to blame the Missouri tornadoes on it ' but not even the CEO of a ...

ABC World News Uses Scary Footage to Push Hate Crimes Bill

News report avoids the real story: the House hate crimes vote.
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