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Jim Rutenberg

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Hagel Support Shows NYT Still Disturbed About Citizens United Decision Expanding Free Speech

The New York Times continues to be disturbed by the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision, loathed by liberals for expanding the right of corporations to participate in campaign ...
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Say It Once, Say It Four Times, NYT: 'Neoconservatives'

Political reporter Jim Rutenberg, along with his headline writer, threw around the loaded term "neoconservative," a term most often used as an insult by leftists and the media, in his Sunday ...
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Surprise: New York Times Actually Takes Seriously Obama 2007 Video Praising Rev. Wright (With Caveats)

In a bit of a surprise, the New York Times filed an article on a recently unearthed Obama video from 2007 showing the president in a fiery, racially charged mode, praising his anti-American ...
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New York Times Buries Two Controversial Obama Statements, Plays Up Romney Campaign Woes on Front Page

Again the Times focused on the political damage fostered by Mitt Romney's (accurate) statement at a fundraiser that 47 percent of Americans do not pay income taxes, yet buried two ...
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NYTimes' Journos Agree: Romney Clip 'Devastating,' Feeds Into Idea He 'Doesn't Care About Regular People'

TimesCast host Megan Liberman: " this video really as devastating as a lot of people on both the right and the left are saying that it is?....[the clip] seems to feed perfectly into the ...
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Predictable: NYTimes Fills News Gap With Overblown Lead on Discord Among 'Straight-Laced' GOP 'Squares'

Times reporters used weather woes to predict trouble for and mock the Republican convention. Michael Barbaro and Ashley Parker: "The first day of a hyper-scripted convention was canceled here, ...
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NYTimes Cynically Deploys Isaac Threat to Paint GOP As Opposed to 'Care of Its Most Vulnerable'

A front-page Times story cynically employes the threat of Tropical Storm Issac against GOP's small-government philosophy: "The suffering from Hurricane Katrina was still fresh then, with the ...
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NYT Hits Romney's 'False Claims' of Obama Eliminating Work Requirements for Welfare -- But He's Right

New York Times reporters Jeff Zeleny and Jim Rutenberg go to bat for Obama on Sunday's front page against Romney's false racially tinged attacks: "The Romney campaign is airing an advertisement ...
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Paul Ryan Greeted With 'Conservative' Labels, Seen as Proudly Conservative Compared to 'More Pragmatic' Obama

Times reporter Jackie Calmes sounds unhappy with Romney's choice of Paul Ryan: "His blueprint would greatly shrink the government, largely undoing the social safety net by shifting more costs ...
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Suddenly, George W. Bush Is a 'Mainstream Republican' at the New York Times

Jim Rutenberg on the "mainstream Republicanism" of...George W. Bush? to make the Tea Party movement look out of step. "But tough talk about the state of the party on Monday by former Gov. Jeb ...
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