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Romney Gets Standing Ovation from NAACP, But CNN Calls Reception 'Very Negative'

After Mitt Romney addressed the NAACP on Wednesday, CNN's Jim Acosta focused on the boos he received from the audience without mentioning the crowd's standing ovation and their applause ...
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CNN's Jim Acosta Plays Up Romney 'Falling off Message' on Obama and Treason

When a lone attendee at a Mitt Romney rally said President Obama should be tried for treason, Romney ignored and later disagreed with the statement.
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CNN Puffs Up Tiny Liberal Protest 'Hounding' Romney's Visit to RNC Headquarters

A liberal protest that CNN.com said contained "about 10 people" still merited inclusion in CNN correspondent Jim Acosta's report on Wednesday's The Situation Room. Of course, Acosta made no ...
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CNN Uses Bogus PolitiFact Rating to Discredit Romney Campaign Claim

On CNN's The Situation Room, correspondent Jim Acosta aired a Mitt Romney claim that "women account for 92.3 percent of jobs lost under President Obama," before citing a PolitiFact report that ...
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