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Steinhauer Isolates GOP's Conservative House Majority on NYT Front Page: 'Very Much Alone'

A hostile Steinhauer dramatizes the isolation of the conservative flank of the Republican Party: "After defiantly rejecting a Senate compromise to extend a payroll tax break and jobless pay, ...

The G.O.P. Is Still Doomed on Immigration, Causing 'Significant Political Damage'

Jennifer Steinhauer: "While the Republican presidential campaign trail bristles with talk of moats, militarization and electrified fences when it comes to illegal immigration, the view among some ...

NY Times Again Goes After Personal Finances of Tea Party Favorite

Jennifer Steinhauer and Steven Yaccino: "But Mr. Walsh's own finances are not quite in step with the tight-ship budgeting he calls for in Washington. According to a lawsuit filed by his ex-wife, ...

Spinning for Obama in the Heart of Texas

Obama's a hit in Texas! Among college students, anyway: "'Give me a win? Give me a break,' he said, bringing the enthusiastic and diverse crowd of more than 1,000 to its feet."

No Liberals in Congress? So Suggests Steinhauer

Political reporter Jennifer Steinhauer continues to slant her ideological labeling, finding loads of conservatives in Congress but rarely identifying liberals.

Poor, Disrespected Obama: Republicans 'Simply Do Not Like the Man'

Jennifer Steinhauer spins a Republican request that Obama address Congress on a different night from the presidential debate as "disrespect" for the president, and played the race card: "There is ...

Times Downplays Rep. Carson's Smear, Suggests Rep. West May Leave CBC Because He's 'Taking Issue with Criticism'

Congressional Black Caucus member Rep. Andre Carson (D-Ind.) recently suggested Tea Party conservatives were the sort of people who would like to lynch blacks. In light of that comment, the CBC's ...

11-0: Still No Liberals in the Debt Ceiling Debate

The last two Times lead stories on the debt ceiling debate have featured 11 "conservative" labels and zero "liberal" ones.

NYT Lead: 'Bipartisan Plan For Budget Deal Buoys President...House Republicans Face Intensifying Pressure to Avoid Isolation'

Jackie Calmes and Jennifer Steinhauer celebrate a "four-page outline" from a group of senators as a victory for Obama: "Financial markets rallied on the news. And with time running out before the ...

No Lefty Label for Rep. Dennis Kucinich, But Republicans Are 'Conservative'?

Reporter Jennifer Steinhauer: "But the disagreements over Libya have made for some odd bedfellows, including antiwar lawmakers like Mr. Kucinich and right-of-center representatives, as well as ...
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