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Aaron Sorkin's 'Newsroom' Scoffs at '15-Year-Old Survey' Exposing Liberal Media Bias

In the fictional world of HBO's Newsroom, the Aaron Sorkin program about the lives of cable TV journalists, the idea of a liberal media bias is something to be scoffed at. On Sunday's episode, the ...
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HBO's Arrogant 'Newsroom'

HBO should not be considered the Smart People channel. Let me count the ways this new show from sneering liberal TV writer Aaron Sorkin is ridiculous.
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Actor Jeff Daniels: Sorkin's Anti-America Speech 'Resonated with Me,' 'It's Gold'

Appearing as a guest on Friday's Piers Morgan Tonight on CNN, actor Jeff Daniels -- who stars as "Will McAvoy" in HBO's The Newsroom -- admitted that he agrees with a now infamous speech delivered ...
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Charlie Rose Endorses America is 'Not Greatest Country' View of Aaron Sorkin Show

In Aaron Sorkin’s new HBO drama The Newsroom, the lead character Will McAvoy, played by actor Jeff Daniels, rattles off America’s failings and blasts that “It’s not the greatest country in the ...
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