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MRC's Brent Bozell talks about media bias on FNC's The Kelly File, 9:30pm ET/PT Thursday


CBS's Smith: Is Arizona Immigration Law Like 'Nazi Germany'?

Filling in for host Bob Schieffer on Sunday's Face the Nation on CBS, Early Show co-host Harry Smith grilled former Republican Congressman J.D. Hayworth on Arizona's new immigration law: "Some ...

John McCain Pitted Against 'Far Right' J.D. Hayworth, Denouncer of Illegals, 'Those Who Are Insufficiently Patriotic'

John McCain, Times friend turned foe, is now a friend again, in the hope of keeping a "far right" candidate out of the U.S. Senate. Reporter Jennifer Steinhauer: "Yet Mr. McCain now finds himself ...

Reporter-Columnist Bashes "Blowhard Fringe" Against Immigration Bill

Reporter-turned-columnist Timothy Egan on talk radio hosts against illegal immigration: "...pragmatism is being drowned out by the bullies with electronic bullhorns, whove got their party leaders ...
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